An introduction from Paul

2018 has been a significant year for PBA. An enjoyable, challenging and, in parts, uncertain year for our people and our practice, but one in which we have never hesitated in providing excellent service and advice to our clients. I could not be more proud of the teams at PBA or more confident in our future.

We took the decision to join the Stantec family to realise our growth ambitions but also because it was the best fit with our long-held values of putting people first and being centred in our communities alongside our clients. We share the same vision, values and a desire to create communities around the world and a community within our firm. One that respects the strength of each individual and understands that we are stronger when we collaborate. Stantec recognised us as a strong, profitable business with insight into our markets, passion for our technical work and ambitions to develop our organisation in line with the talents of our staff.

These are strengths that clients recognise in us time and again and 2018 was no different. You can read about many of our successes in the following pages. Whether a project is large or small, simple or complex, it matters to a client who is trusting us to deliver. We rightly showcase some publicly but, quietly amongst ourselves, we celebrate them all.

Each success stems from our people. We are lucky to have inspirational teams across the country who work tirelessly to push the boundaries, creating the iconic and improving the familiar to build better places for people to live. We honour their hard work by striving to be the best employer we can and by investing in the next generation of engineers.

We will retain our commitment to our people and to our clients as we become more and more integrated into the Stantec family over the coming months. We are receiving a great welcome and lots of committed support from the wider Stantec team and 2019 will see continued efforts to knit us into the systems and project delivery architecture of the global firm.

We are moving towards a future full of promise. A future of great opportunity for us all, and while we will seize it with enthusiasm we will always remain true to the values that helped PBA reach this point and keep our emphasis on supporting our local communities.