Anticipating a rewarding 2019

We have made transformational decisions this year. These have been aimed at securing the future of PBA through greater diversity, achieving our ambitious plan for growth, and building a reputation as the best, most exciting, interesting, challenging and fun to work with firm for planning, engineering and design in the UK and Europe. Next year, we continue to build an exciting future.

We have set our ambitions high. We will remain focussed on building and maintaining long-term, fruitful client relationships. We will absolutely retain our collaborative, entrepreneurial and can-do culture aimed at delivering high value outcomes for our clients. The more conversations I have with our clients and with our new colleagues, the more I am convinced that this is going to be more fun than ever.

Our decision to join forces with Stantec was informed by our conviction that we share core values and purpose. Good people doing great work – changing places and changing lives. PBA and Stantec both believe that creating wider social and economic value for the communities we work in can deliver great outcomes for our clients, and fulfilling careers for us. Belief in this purpose has been confirmed every day since 7 September through our experience of the Stantec team.

We may find that there are a few bumps as we navigate next year. After all, Brexit has to work itself out, and there is a broad range of integration activities to get through. But we have a clear vision of what we are now striving to achieve – to be a top tier professional services design and delivery firm in our markets.

This means building on the best that both PBA and Stantec have to offer as we begin to bring our businesses together, and focussing only on the highest quality outcomes for our clients and all of us. This means taking an uncompromising approach to technical excellence; encouraging creativity, training and development; and building and sustaining long-term client relationships through which we will create long term value for our clients, our communities, and our firm.

2019 promises to be an exciting year – not without its challenges – but always in full support of our people and our clients, reinforcing the culture that we have built over many years, and the strong market position this delivers. I am looking forward to it, and I hope you are too.

Keith Mitchell,


Community Development & Infrastructure